İmportant achievements
  • It has been shown that the structure of the brain bioelectrical activity in long-livers has dominance in protective inhibition processes that has an adaptive-compensatory nature. The functional state of the brain in close relatives of long-livers shows that the central regulation of neuro-endocrine processes is at a higher level.
  • The positive effect of the saffron extract (Crocus sotivus L.Iridoceae) orally given to male and female rats on their reproductive functions was revealed.
  • Under experimental conditions, an immunochemical method has been developed to suppress the drug-psychological dependence on morphine using the blockade of polyclonal antibodies against serotonin-modulated anti-consolidation protein.
  • For the first time the longevity map of Azerbaijan has been developed. It is shown that the longevity index varies from 3,8 ‰ to 53 ‰ in different regions, the phenomenon of longevity is not distributed equally throughout the country and has only local character.