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09.05.2020 / Anniversaries The famous scientist physiologist and biochemist Telman Agaev passed away

The Institute of Physiology announced the death of a senior researcher and former director of the institute, corresponding member of ANAS, doctor of biological sciences, professor Telman Agayev on May 9, 2020 and expressed deep condolences to his family and friends.

Telman Mammadali oglu Agayev was born on October 10, 1935 in Western Azerbaijan. After graduating from high school with honors in his native village, he entered the zootechnical faculty of the Azerbaijan Agricultural Institute and successfully graduated in 1959. Having started his career as a young employee in 1960 as an instructor in the Council of Ministers of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Telman Agayev rose to the post of head of the livestock department of the Ministry of Agriculture. His enthusiasm for biological science from school already led him in 1964 to graduate school in Baku, to the physiology sector of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, giving him a high position and prospects for the future. Having successfully passed the exam for full-time postgraduate studies in the specialty “Biochemistry” before the commission, with the participation of the founder of the physiological school in Azerbaijan, academician Abdulla Karaev, the young Telman Agaev linked his future fate with the Institute of Physiology and worked there until the end of his life. Carrying out research in the field of evolutionary physiology and biochemistry, he defended his dissertation in Baku in 1969 and his doctoral dissertation in St. Petersburg in 1983, receiving the title of professor. In 2001, he was elected a corresponding member of ANAS as the organizer and leading specialist in the field of sensory and cellular biochemistry of the central nervous system of organisms at different levels of phylogenesis and ontogenesis. Telman Agaev made his way in scientific growth overcoming difficulties step by step, working with great zeal and starting as a junior researcher, then he worked as a senior researcher, then head of the laboratory, deputy director for science and, finally, director of the Institute. Hundreds of scientific articles, including 10 monographs, were written and published as a result of his fruitful work, which will remain useful sources in this field of research. Under the leadership of Telman Agaev, the dissertations of 10 doctors of sciences and 37 candidates of sciences were defended, who could benefit from his potential and intellect and who will always be grateful to him.

Telman Agaev was a creative person. As a poetic nature, he left many poems and memoirs. He was interested in such an elite game as chess. He was a professional gardener and the fruits of his garden impressed many.

Telman Agaev was a serious and caring head of the family who raised and gave a good education to his children, among whom are those who continue his path and whom we wish success in this work. The blessed memory of Telman Agaev, who lived the glorious life of a scientist, will always live in the hearts of his own team, who will always remember him with respect and respect.


From the staff of the Institute of Physiology